NFT marketplace is a million-dollar revenue system where the early adopters of NFT started their revenue stream by unlocking the potential of NFT in a variety of industries. NFT’s unique features and specialization offer a variety of services in the market paving the way for huge investment opportunities for better outcomes. NFT tokens are unique tokens generated over the collectibles or signature products like art, music, games assets. NFT marketplace platform development helps you to tokenize your collectibles. 
This marketplace acts as a huge revenue system for artists, musicians, and other unique creators. Its significance in art and games innovates multiple services with the integration of AR/VR. Land Infrastructure digitization in NFT introduces the industry of real estate and architecture in virtual environments. NFTs’ significance in the marketplace allows it to innovate multiple services which are under research. Where few early adopters like and started their marketplace to develop NFT, it raised curiosity among the collectors who strive for unique products.
This huge marketplace is limited with just 27 unique digital art marketplaces on Ethereum, with SuperRare, MakersPlace, Async Art, and Known Origin facilitating between $1-$8 million in sales which is too low for its huge service opportunity. BEZH’s experts find it as the perfect time to harvest your revenue stream from the new crypto fortune and decided to offer a reliable NFT marketplace development platform for early adopters of NFT to build their multi-million revenue system.

Our blockchain experts tailor your marketplace with features of top marketplaces with new innovations in the different blockchain to incorporate its features for an optimal NFT marketplace. 

Our Non-Fungible Token Marketplace Provides:

NFT for Arts, Music, Video
ERC 721 + 1155 Token Marketplace Development
Ranking and Bidding
Drops, Upcoming Sales, Trendings, Journals
NFT Coin Creation for your brand
Free 2 years Domain and Hosting
Mobile Application for IOS and Android

Price for the full package varies from  €60.000 to  75.000 including 3 month free Support.
Extra support: 100 / Hour (750 DKK)