ISIS Alarm

ISIS Alarm is a Mobile application that provides real-time alerts when a terrorist attack happens in your city.
  • Project Title: ISIS Alarm
  • Website:
  • Date: 2016-10-10
  • Location: USA
  • Client: Counter Terrorism Department
In case of a threat - a terrorist attack or other emergencies, like a nuclear alert or the collapse of flood defences the smartphone screen will turn red. 
Clicking on the notification, the user will be able to access useful advice and best practices on how to behave, tailored on the type of alert and the map to geographical area affected. 
If an attack is in progress, the app will suggest, for instance, "to limit your movements to facilitate the intervention of the security forces and emergency services. 
The user will also be invited to share the information with his or her contacts on social media: this way, even if just a small percentage of users install the app, they will act as ‘ambassador’ for the alert messages, helping to disseminate them among the population. 
In addition to the warnings and comments, the app includes links to official news agencies covering the attacks.

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