Are you an organization, school, college, University, or company that needs a School Management System (SMS)? BEZH is offering a fully functional website including the portal login for the students, teachers, parents, and administrators. BEZH School management system is a danish high-quality educational management system where every user can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development supported by BEZH. We offer 2 Years of Free access to IB International Schools Worldwide. You can also sign a support contract where we will put your students/teachers/parents' data into the database, and update all information on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 
BEZH School Management System is a fully hosted software and you do not need to order any separate server. All costs are included.

Check out our School Management System: DK SMS


Number of students: Up to 1000
Number of teachers Up to 100
Number of Parents: Up to 1000
One-Time Payment: €6500
License 1: 400 per month per school
License 2: 4 per month per student
Server: 200 per month.
Free 5 hours of online Support are Included in the Package
School Website: Included for Free
Domain Name: Included for Free
Extra support: 100 per hour