Welcome to BEZH

BEZH ApS (Europe reg nr.: DK31178878) is a Danish owned Trading and IT company located right next to the Queens Palace - Amalienborg - In Copenhagen, Denmark.

BEZH IT department is specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and the development of Augmented Reality Mobile applications. BEZH is an official partner of Microsoft Denmark, Symantec, Geotrust and Comodo.

BEZH Trade department deals with Cybernated Farm Systems, import/export, Real Estate and Private Jet business. In this area, BEZH is official partner and first official distributor of CFS, USA.

With a clear vision, we have successfully prospered in a competitive and volatile market for almost two decades.
Our IT team consists of young, creative people in Copenhagen, New York, Vilnius, Berlin and London. They are all the best specialists with extensive experience in the field, creating reliable solutions using the latest methods and technologies.

Our real Estate company, is now a member of "Blue F.F International Real Estate" Network, one of the world's top luxury real estate agencies.

BEZH works with both small and large projects where we use our IT infostructures and high tech to allow a closer relationship with the customer and a faster process. BEZH is now behind the biggest IT infrastructure project of 2015, to rebuild a national internet project based on IoT technology.

BEZH is always working together with it's main partners, including: "Blue Alert" in Denmark, "European Federtion of Robotics" in Norway, "TrueMax" in Germany, "CFS" in the US, "Blue Miljø" in Denmark, "Europe Advertise" in Sweden, and the "Danish Parliament".

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